To do DAILY!
(about 5 - 10 hours/week)

you will need to post LOTS OF ADS!
I mean LOTS!

I would suggest to do this on daily basis for at least 30 days to start.
If your time is limited, spend few hours posting and do it at least 3 times per week.
Free Advertising does not cost your money, it cost your time.

Years ago, I have started with Free advertising and today I use about 10% to 20% of my monthly income
to place or buy paid advertising. Anyone can start this way and build their business.
Without any kind of advertising, nothing will ever happen.

No advertising = No business growth = No income!

Below are some of my favorite Free advertising sources.
In some of them, you will need to become a member first before you can post your ads for free.
They are two types of advertising is offered: Free and Paid Advertising.
In this section I will only refer to free ads, no cost to you.

Post Free Ads

PostAdsDaily offers 3 membership levels, once again I will refer to the FREE level.
(You can join at any other level to get even more advertising power if you wish)

For FREE advertising, start placing ads by using these services that come with your free membership.

My latest banner ad promotions that I use in PostAdsDaily:
Banner url image:
Website url:
(add any F5M-MC capture page)
Banner url image:
Website url:
(add any F5M-MC capture page)$$$.png

Banner url image:$$$.png
Website url: (add any F5M-MC capture page)
Banner url image:
Website url: (add any F5M-MC capture page)
Banner url image:
Website url: (add any F5M-MC capture page)
Banner url image:

Website url:
(add any F5M-MC capture page)
Banner url image:
Website url: (add any F5M-MC capture page)
Banner url image:
Website url: (add any F5M-MC capture page)

For more Banner Ads that you can use, please visit your F5M-MC Guide
or go directly to the site by clicking on the link below:

Posting Ads! (samples)
Free members can post 7 different ads daily.

I post these solo ads on daily basis.
I use the same solo ad for one category for the entire 7 days
and then I switch to a different ad with a different subject.

----- Week 1!  (day 1)

Category: MLM & Home Business


Subject:??? > Many tried everything, but ALL END UP Here!

Ad Text:
Earning from home made easy! You do not need lots of cash to start. Just need low cost opportunity that works. Opportunity that takes you out of profit to BIG INCOME!

----- Week 1!  (day 2) -----

Category: Money & Employment


Subject: Earning Cash Online Made EASY! Simple part-time home job!

Ad Text:
Maybe you have tried to earn cash online and found out the hard way, IT IS NOT EASY! I agree! But if you connect with proper, proven & supportive offer, this CHANGES everything! Check it out!

----- Week 1!  (day 3) -----

Category: Internet & Affiliate Marketing


Subject: Internet = Jobs & Income! Where the FUTURE is heading! Start Now!

Ad Text:
More millionaires were created through the Internet then anything else out there. Baby-boomers, students & young generation is turning to the Internet to earn cash. Offer what they want & earn BIG!

----- Week 1!  (day 4) -----

Category: Make Money Online


Subject: We offer WHAT EVERYONE WANTS, Cash with Done For Your Marketing!

Ad Text:
Making REAL Money Online? Stats show that about 98% fail, why? There is one MAIN ingredient that if not applied, you fail before you even start. Done For You Marketing is what everyone wants & needs!

----- Week 1!  (day 5) -----

Category: Affilate Programs


Subject: We even Place PAID members? Done For You Marketing Package!

Ad Text:
Many people who want to earn income online give up fast and that is due to one major factor, they do not like advertising or do not know how. Our Done For You Marketing places PAID members under you!

----- Week 1!  (day 6) -----

Category: Downline Builders


Subject: >>> You will END UP here! <<<

Ad Text:
Many people want to earn income online, they keep searching for the best and easiest opportunity. When they think they have found the best, they still fail to earn cash. Why? Our opportunity offers that one ingredient what others are missing. This is why many end up here and stay because they earn cash!

----- Week 1!  (day 7) -----

Category: Traffic Generation


Subject: We even PAY YOU TO PROMTE & place PAID members!

Ad Text:
Earning cash online made easy. All you need is lot of traffic to your offer or opportunity. Many fail at that. We promote GLOBALLY and our opportunity PAYS YOU to PROMOTE and even places PAID members!


Now in week 2, I use same ads as above
but I change the CATEGORY.

----- Week 2!  (day 1) -----
Category: Online Services

----- Week 2!  (day 2) -----
Category: Home & Family

----- Week 2!  (day 3) -----
Category: Computers & Internt

----- Week 2!  (day 4) -----
Category: Business To Business

----- Week 2!  (day 5) -----
Category: Highly Recommended

----- Week 2!  (day 6) -----
Category: World Wide

----- Week 2!  (day 7) -----
Category: Business Services


After the 2nd week of posting,
I start all over with Week 1.

Posting Ads in the "PostAdsDaily" is free.
If you wish you can upgrade your membership
and have your ONE ad posted daily automatically.

I still find that posting daily as listed above
has and is producing me the best results.

Please note; the rsults will start low and after few weeks,
as you get more circulated, the results should improve.


Below are few more FREE places where you can post your ads without any cost.
I use the same subjects and ad content from above.
In order for your ads to be some what effective, you MUST place them everyday or at least every 2nd day.

Free Classifieds

Video Tiops on USFreeAds >
USFreeAds Site >

Leads, Leads, Leads!

There you have it, anyone says that they can not afford to buy advertising,
there are thousands of members and other Network Marketers use Free Advertising sources
and earn pretty good income doing it. It takes time and effort to do place these ads but it does not cost money.

Highly Suggested Paid Advertising
That Will Grow Your Business On Auto-Pilot!

If you do not want to place Free advertising, there is only other alternative - Buying advertising.

1. Purchasing one F5M-MC Gold Booster per month will promote your entire F5M-MC business up to 30 days. You can purchase your F5M-MC Gold Booster from your member's area.

2. "Done For You Marketing" - this our lowest cost and very effective advertising that will promote your F5M-MC business and even place paid members under you.

3.The F5M-MC "30 Day Auto Advertising Program" best deal is here. You get 2 Gold Booster entries and also includes the "Done For You Marketing" advertising package.

4. If you are not part of our own advertising platform named > DailyNetPay (DNP), visit your F5M-MC Affiliate section to get your sponsor's link and join.